About Us


If you’re wondering where we came from let us explain our simple beginnings from the start. The Mi Amoré concept was initially designed in 1998 to accommodate both the families and the businesses of Central New Jersey. At the time we saw a need to create quick and convenient healthy, delicious gourmet food with only the highest marks of quality. All of this was our goal so you, the customer, could enjoy take-out without trouble or a relaxing dine-in experience without worry.

We truly pride ourselves at Mi Amoré in using only the freshest and finest ingredients and innovative recipes that only receive the Mi Amoré label after proper evaluation. Of course, we carry all of this mentality inside and outside of the store. At Mi Amoré our catering expertise has only been growing since our birth and we take great satisfaction in personalizing each and every event for your specific needs. If it’s any indication of our motivation and skills, just ask out existing customers who keep our catering services flourishing and in parallel we take every opportunity to return the favor.

But if we’re to get literal for a moment, then “Mi Amoré” really means “My Love”. Our interpretation of that is a love of fresh gourmet food and a love of the challenge to keep our customers happy and satisfied. So the real question is what does “Mi Amoré” mean to you?

Denise DeGeorge
Nycolle Hill (chef)




Mi Amoré Gourmet Market
120 Cedar Grove Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873

Tel: 732-537-9910
Fax: 732-537-9909

Please feel free to call ahead for pick-up orders,
deliveries (until late afternoon), or for caterings.

Denise DeGeorge